Bringing wisdom & rhymes straight from the streets of Brooklyn, New York , solo artist & entertainment-mogul Don Warbucks has had his head deep in the game since he was only a teenager . Developing a signature style & flow, he continued to drive his career foward while perfecting the art of creating thought -provoking music for everyday people to relate to & turn -up on their stereos .With grit, determination and songs that deal with his most intense experiences and the realities of life itself ; Don Warbucks put himself on the map promoting his single "The American Dream (Feat REP) ", challenging the ideas of the status quo and promoted civil rights . Putting in the work and growing a reputation as a premier performer whose dynamic beats and precision flow bring  whole crowds to their feet ; Don Warbucks opened shows for massively talented artists like Juelz Santana and Fred Da Godson as he continued to make a name for himself and put his music out there for the people .


Since establishing himself firmly within the music -scene through projects &music he's taken on like "A Rapper's Rapper ," "Champion Royale" and "Lyrical Nightmare", Don Warbucks shot straight to the top of the charts with 15,000 +downloads of material snapped up enthusiastically , by fans worldwide . Effectively using his - taught skills and rising to the true potential of his ambition Don Warbucks has become a virtual one -man music -industry ; creating producing recording & making hit music &videos.. Hustling into the studio at every moment possible . To bring his vision to full fruition , Don Warbucks started his own record label and currently presides as CEO of Real Lyfe Enterprise where in addition to his own innovative new music , he also now inspires records , and produced the music &videos of new, exciting talent and the upcoming future superstars of tomorrow from all over the globe .